International Focus

Overseas Experience

For over a decade, Vanden Bussche has been providing full service irrigation consulting, design, installation and post-sale service to a variety of overseas clients.

Our move to service outside of Canada started with a phone call from Moscow in 1999. A sod farm charged with the upkeep of the lawns of the Kremlin and Red Square called in our expertise to rectify the sorry state of the State green spaces. Vanden Bussche designed and installed an irrigation system which has kept these world-renown lawns consistently at the ready to receive the World's leaders.


Value & Service

At Vanden Bussche International, our proven expertise and exceptional service are available worldwide. We have the vital knowledge and experience required for shipping irrigation systems to overseas destinations and for working within foreign government frameworks.

We believe that post-sale service is just as important as the pre-sale consultation. Once we install a Vanden Bussche Irrigation system for you, we remain always at your service to answer your questions and provide any necessary maintenance and training. Our clients have always valued the ongoing relationship with us and we're sure you will too. Before you start your next international project, contact the pros at Vanden Bussche Irrigation.

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