Agricultural Irrigation Services

From initial spec to detailed design to implementation to service and support


Higher yields and better quality crops using fewer resources: it is possible to have it all! At Vanden Bussche Irrigation, we're so much more than just products; we provide comprehensive irrigation system solutions from initial specification to detailed design and system implementation. Take advantage of our proven process and get the most from your investment... whether you have an older farm irrigation system requiring upgrades or this is your first contact with the science of irrigation. Our customer-first program includes:


This essential process must suit specific soil, crop and climate, plus economic benefit targets for the irrigation project.
» Our designs balance what nature provides


Every season new and improved farm irrigation technologies emerge: new surface irrigation sprinklers and equipment, low-volume micro-irrigation and drip irrigation systems, and specialized energy-saving irrigation pumps.
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Project Planning

Experience in irrigation system construction transforms our final blueprint into an efficient, functional agricultural irrigation system.
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Our trained troubleshooters can quickly solve or prevent irrigation system malfunctions which could waste water or damage your crop.


By auditing an irrigation system (especially older installations) we can measure energy efficiency to determine if better scheduling, upgrades or system repairs would lead to more effective water and energy usage to save you time and money. Contact us to start saving energy and money.

Agriculture Irrigation Product Catalog


Higher yields and better quality crops using fewer resources: it is possible to have it all! Give your crops the controlled rain they need.

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Agriculture Irrigation Systems


It's All About Control! We guarantee what nature cannot–water, whenever and wherever it's needed. We have the equipment you need to achieve maximum growth using fewer resources.

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