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Wade Rain Hydrants, T-Valves & Valve Openers

Wade Rain "D" Series (inward opening) Hydrants, T-Valves & Openers provide an On / Off Conection between pipes.


Provide an On / Off  connection from buried PVC pipe to above ground aluminum irrigation pipe.  Wade Hydrants are usually mounted on steel risers


Provide an On / Off connection from an above ground aluminum irrigation pipe to second line of irrigation pipe.  For example a header / main line of  pipe runs across the top of a field;  coming off of the header pipe are lateral lines of pipe with sprinklers.  T-Valve connection allows sprinkler lines to be turned on and off without shutting down the pump.

Valve Openers

Open and close Hydrants & T-Valves, by pushing down on disc that lets water flow through, closing let's the disc come up and seals shut.  

Wade Rain Parts Breakdown for "D" Series (Inward Opening) Hydrants, T-Valves & Valve Openers Download

Matching Wade Rain Hydrants & T-Valves to Valve Openers

The Chart below is for Wade Rain "D" Series Hydrants & Valves, inward opening, the most popular series here in Eastern Canada.  Other Wade Rain Series are available as well as Hydrants, T-Valves & Valve Openers for Wade upward opening.

Valve opener_chart

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